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⁣I was happy through a lot of my time with this gangster mafia game

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  • Patalpintas 2018/07/24 08:32
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That’s what Mafia City left with me, a bunch of dark decisions in a dark world that wants me dead in a way no other mafia game does. It’s easy to be the bane of your enemy’s existence when you’re some hero coming to save the world from annihilation, but if the unforgettable target on your back is painted only by who you happened to be born as, it’s an altogether different experience. I was angry through a lot of my time with this gangster mafia game, and that’s a good thing. For the first time in a long time I was going after virtual enemies for my own personal reasons, not because the mafia game told me I should. I wanted to see them dead, I wanted to watch their blood pool around them, and it was a frightening thing.
“The things we got knocked for, once it came out, were always known,” said one person who worked on the game. “We just couldn’t get traction on it. Like the game being grindy and repetitive—we all knew that for years, had hundreds of conversations about it, and just couldn’t get upper management to agree with us. And then we’d go to focus testing, and they’d go, ‘The game’s too grindy.’ We’d go, ‘We’re in beta, can’t do much about it.’ Mafia could’ve been better than it was. All the issues, the floor knew about for years—we just couldn’t get the director level to agree with us.”
When contacted for comment on this story, Yottagame sent over the following statement, attributed to a spokesperson:
Yottagame went through two different rounds of layoffs over the past year, including one in mid-2017 that went unreported. During the second layoff, in February 2018, the company moved some staff out of its office in Novato to locations in the Czech Republic and Brighton, England, offering them new jobs at lower salaries, according to two sources. (Of course, Brno, Czech Republic and Brighton, UK have lower costs of living than the San Francisco Bay area, in which Novato is based.)
Microsoft Adds Mafia City Game and Prey to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

If you’re looking for a multiplayer experience, you unfortunately have only one choice between these two major releases. Gears of War 4 offers both competitive play, so you can test your skills against other players around the world on PC and Xbox One, as well as Horde 3.0, which is a co-op mode that pits you against waves of increasingly difficult enemies. If you don’t think that’s enough human interaction, you can also play through the campaign with a friend.

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