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MapleStory: How About Moving To BERA

  • Šalis: Anglija
  • Kalba: Lietuvių
  • Patalpintas 2018/06/04 07:10
  • Baigiasi 3584 days, 18 hours


You know there are so many individuals have been Maplestory Items playing in lifeless servers for YEARS, so it might be fine to call a server for folks to join. But honestly we only get to move so I think its fine that we are all choosing to proceed there . ( or at least a lot of people) I for one will be carrying all my grazed starter personality there. So feel free to add me after the maintainence ( or are we able to move? )

Have an old accounts that dwelt there tear my old personality lv173 Fight Mage with no star on gears but I love bera as constantly then scania ( sadly to say cause ppl there are harsh and rude) noneoftheless im eventually coming home bera!! So far a half per day also it’s fantastic. I’m having no difficulty finding maps to educate and I’ve made more money in the FM and AH in one day than I’d normally made in grazed in 3 times. Way more options for purchasing and selling. The folks I’ve seen up to now are very welcoming. Moving was a fantastic choice for me.

Yeah looks Bera is going into the 3rd most populated world following Reboot & Scania. After a day of World Leap Event looks like there… later Windia others worlds are so empty that they should at least combine all of them together to Windia. GMS shouldn’t have more than 4 worlds + reboot. Right now we got 6… being vacant 5 of these. Now Bera could combine Scania at decent populated world… consolidating all of the other worlds together with Windia could be the best move… or atleast merge all of the Server Alliance worlds, we could have two no-so-empty servers (Windia and the merged one) and two decent-populated Scania and Bera.

Many of the things in the FM in GRAZED were totally unbuyable with max maplestory two mesos in lots of the stores which made going there for somebody who refuses to pump a home payment within this game monthly unattainable and moot. That maybe not how it works whatsoever in Maple at least. Less people not only signifies low need it also means low supply. Low distribution, Low need is what low pop server leads to. Which is essentially a dead market. If there are more players in BERA, there would be more demand in MapleStory and much more work ought to be accomplished by Nexon. Since not everyone can afford certain cheapest Maplestory Mesos things and if people are patient costs will be pushed down to a certain level.

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