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The past together with the MS Mesos

  • Šalis: Airija
  • Kalba: Lietuvių
  • Patalpintas 2018/06/04 04:21
  • Baigiasi 3584 days, 15 hours


By applying all these suggestions, Hero will also have closer DPS at cap as fast hitters. Additionally, Hero must be have best DPS not only uncapped, but Maplestory 2 Mesos also capped. I find it strange to see people thinking they actually believe weaker hitters but speedy attack desever being more powerful, this reasoning destroys the purpose of RPG facet.

We Maplers are used to grinding for everything

Maple has a lot of events in which you do some replicated task for „a chance to have“ something good. We had it in the past together with the MS Mesos Dark Lords of Doom, and at a slightly different way with the Madhouse occasion (not a random payoff however random features in the maze).

It’s very frustrating to do such events diligently every single day, and end up with nothing rewarding. We Maplers are utilized to grinding for all, but grinding for nothing is simple torture. My suggestion is that these events will need to be made in such a manner that in case you do them to the best of your ability, you are guaranteed a fantastic reward.

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